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Etchings, silk screens, woodcuts, and monoprints 2001-2013


Lady of the Wave wood cut 13x17"

Shalom II, Silkscreen, 15x20 cm, unframed $100

Lace Part II, etching, 30x18 cm, framed $350

Lace - diptic - etching

Lady of the Tree, Silkscreen 25x30 cm, $250 unframed, printed and painted with acrylic on weathered barn wood.

Mille Isle medley etching.

Zfunot (Mystique), collographie, 25x39 cm, framed $350

A Prayer for Peace (Prière pour la paix), monotype, 25x39 cm, framed $300

Nigun (melodie) Collography & oil paint, 25x42 cm, framed $350

On the Road Again (En Route de nouveau),  monotype 29.5x19.5, framed $ 250

Blessing Mask (Masque), Sérigraphie, 39x47cm, framed $400

Family Tree (Arbre de Famille),  sérigraphie, 57x57 cm, framed $400

Go Where?  2002, Monotype, 29.5x19.5 cm, framed $250.

Rosh Hashanah,  etching/gravure, 15x30 cm, framed $200


Who's Who? etching monoprint used for a book cover.  Not Available.

                   Colours and dimensions artwork may be slightly different from the original.


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