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Ohel, drawing-charcoal, ink, dry pastel, 55x45 cm.  Sold

Who am I?  acrylic on canvas 41 ½ x 33 cm, framed $400

Whim Part II,  acrylic on be continued as a series.


Imperator, Oil on canvas, 34 cm x 45 cm, framed $350

Is this Home?  (Morin Heights vs. Jerusalem) , acrylic on canvas, framed $250

Woman Artist (Femme Artiste), 2001, acrylic on canvas, 43x33 cm, framed, $300 

  Mille Isles Medley I, acrylic & collage on canvas.  (Sold)

Morin Heights Old & New, Acrylic on canvas, 67.5 cm x 120 cm  (3 ½ ft x 2 ft) unframed $400

  Mille Isles Medley, acrylic & collage on canvas, framed (Barn wood) $425 (not available)

Autumn Repose, acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm, unframed $400.  This painting appears on the cover of a book published in Germany.  See Side Panel, my own description of the painting was translated and included on the inside page of cover.

Woman in Flowers, acrylic on canvas (Sold).

  Worlds Apart, oil on canvas, 40x50cm, framed, $350 

Colours and dimensions artwork may be slightly different from the original.

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