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Morin Heights 2005 Not available

Set of 6 small paintings done with a collage of real herbs and spices over wet Gesso and acrylic paint 2005. Only one left.
















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Young at Heart 1,  acrylic on Melamine.

Young at Heart 2,  Acrylic on Melamine.

Young at Heart 3,  Acrylic on Melamine.

Garden Paraphernalia, acrylic on board.

Office Paraphernalia, acrylic on board.

Mother's Day,  acrylic on board.

Past & Present 1

Past & Present 2

Past & Present 3,  (sold)


Grandma Pola's Table, acrylic on Melamine board.


Salt dish & Flower,  Sold.

It all started in 2000 with this series Shelved Memories. (sold)

Locket, detail from the Shelved Memories.

This & That, Sold.

Haifa, (an old postcard, served as guide for this one, memory was not enough.)

Tel Aviv, after a painting by N. Gutman.


Enchanted, 1, 2 & 3, silverpoint on board. (sold)

A set of 3,  (sold)

Silver point (sold)

Colours and dimensions artwork may be slightly different from the original.

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